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10 Steps To Install A Wifi Connection In Your Home

A wifi connection is essential for every household, like food and water, especially during the pandemic. One may even panic if the internet goes down for a minute. The work-from-home culture has made it imperative to have a wifi connection at home, and the wifi installation is tricky.

It would help if you had some equipment before you begin the installation process:

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Wireless card or USB
  • Electric cable/Ethernet cable
  • Tools to cut, stick, bind the wires like plier, tape, etc.

Now the next part is the steps to install the wifi. You have to follow the following steps to install the wifi in your home or office.

The ten steps to install the wifi are:

  1. Buying the right router: This is the first step of installing a wifi network. It would help if you considered the space between the router and other devices connected are not so far. The router must have the latest form of wireless encryption, i.e., WPA2.
  1. Connecting the router and modem: The next step is connecting the modem and router. The port on the router labelled WAN/WLAN/internet must be connected to the modem using an electric cable. Switch on the router.
  1. Connecting computer with Ethernet cable: It is not that important but connecting the computer’s LAN port with an Ethernet cable helps in configuring the wireless wifi setting without the risk of losing the connection to the router.
  1. Router software installation: The router always comes with software, and the user should install it on the PC. Users must choose and enter a name for the home wifi network, type of security, and a suitable password (not abc123, password, or your name).
  1. Configuration page: As the router comes with software, users need to connect the router’s configuration page via a web browser. The web address of the router has to be entered into the browser. The method/steps will be available in the manual or document you get along with the router. Enter username and password, and this step is complete.
  1. Entering the internet connection information: The next step is to enter the IP address and DNS information. The router may enter this information on its own, but still, you need to make sure it has been done. This information can be gathered by connecting the ISP.
  1. Securing the router: An overlooked crucial step while setting up a home network is securing the router. A well-secured router will protect all the devices at home wifi network against threats and cyberattacks. Change the default username and password, update the router firmware, enabling the router firewall, and setting up a guest network. These steps will surely secure the router.
  1. The wireless setting: Users can change the name of the home wifi, which appears on a device on detecting the network. It will be great if the security encryption setting is up to the latest version for max security, i.e., WPA2. Keep in mind to have a good password.
  1. Placement of the router: After the route gets configured, it needs to be placed appropriately. You must set the router where the coverage is maximum. Physical obstacles like concrete walls and pillars need to be avoided while placing the router; It doesn’t mean destroying or breaking them; keep the router in an open place and almost in the middle of the house. In this way, everyone in the house will receive the same strength of the wifi.
  1. Connecting a device: Any device with a wifi option now will connect to the wifi network. The device will scan the network first, and when you get the web, click and enter the password. Now, you can waste your time on social media; just kidding, keep working till you sleep. You can check the speed on the website called ookla.com and see if there is any problem.

It may not seem easy to set up the router initially, but you’ll get it during the process of wifi installation. The above-mentioned simple steps are straightforward and will help you set up the network.

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