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4 Fun Ways to Create Viral Web Content for Your Brand

If you’ve ever considered creating viral content, you might know that it’s not an easy task. You can spend hours creating killer content, working hard to promote it, and still not get even half of the shares and likes you were hoping for.

The good news is that there are tried-and-true strategies that you can leverage to create viral web content.

If you’re interested in becoming a web sensation, read on to learn four tips on how to make viral content.

1. Create Emotional Content

Your content viewers will most likely share your content if it evokes an emotional response. You can choose online content that triggers nostalgia, joy, enthusiasm, or love.

It’s better to focus on content that will evoke positive emotions rather than negative ones. Positive emotions will make your viewers feel inspired or good about something. They’ll be more willing to share the content, hoping that it will yield similar fulfillment in others.

If you want to elicit joy, you can add a touch of entertainment to your content. For example, you can evoke humor by creating memes related to your brand. You can get an online meme template from Adobe that you can use to design your memes within a few minutes.

2. Curate Valuable Content

Your content will go viral if it contains information that the readers find useful and valuable. The notion here is that if your content helps your readers, they’ll be glad to share it with others.

Are you wondering what valuable content entails? A good place to start would be to create posts about life hacks. Make sure they contain information that will make it easier for people to do something that they usually find complicated.

Valuable content can also be an infographic that makes it easy to understand information quickly. If you want to optimize your content, research keywords that are valuable for your topic. Incorporate them into your post and watch as people scramble to read and share it.

3. Create Visual Content

Incorporating compelling visuals into your content can help you achieve your viral marketing goal. Images, videos, and multimedia content will give your viewers something to connect with and remember for a long time.

Studies show that people recall 65% of information when it includes visuals. People will only remember 10% of your content without the images or videos. When done right, the visuals will help you hit and exceed your expected number of shares or engagements.

4. Create Interactive Content

Your content will go viral if it involves your audience directly. It would be better if your content asked your readers or viewers to share information about themselves.

If you want the interactive element to help you attain your viral marketing goal, you should consider other aspects. For example, if you’re using quizzes, you can add graphics that make the quiz a learning tool.

If your content has a comment section, make sure you respond to the comments. You’ll keep the conversation going and increase people’s willingness to share your posts.

Create Viral Web Content to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

If your goal is to reach a wide audience and create brand awareness in a short time, you should know how to create viral web content. There’s no single formula for creating content that generates buzz for your brand. However, you can start with these four strategies to increase your chances of going viral.

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