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How green veggies boost up your good health

Well, these are the words which we have been listening to from our childhood by parents, teachers and almost every elder that eat green vegetables, they are good for health. Whenever we went to the doctor’s clinic even, he said to eat green veggies. But this is true and everybody knows it but then also people eat pizza, burgers, noodles and nachos and not green veggies. Some give the excuse of bad taste that green veggies tastes awful while some they do not need, they can go to the gym to be healthy. Both such people are vulnerable to most of the diseases in life. And remember going to the gym does not give you the guarantee that you will remain healthy. Many fit people never went to the gym, while people who have been hitting the gym for years but the outcome is nil.

Why do so much weightlifting and all when green veggies can do the trick? Regular consumption of green vegetables has treated visibility problems, stomach and many others. You need not eat Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 because green veggies can tackle tit.

Why does our body need green veggies?

Green veggies are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. For the proper functioning of the body in an effective manner, it is necessary to consume green veggies regularly. If you cannot consume it every day maybe three days a week add them to your diet. Without green leafy vegetables proving effective in your work is next to impossible.

Takes care of eyes

Spinach, kale and other leafy ones are beneficial for the eye. These items are a rich source of Vitamin C and E along with carotenoids and lutein. It becomes a shield against eye diseases like cataracts and AMD (Age-related macular degeneration). Those who have mostly sandwich or pizza, burger in the breakfast they are deprived of the nutrients of green vegetables. The extent to which our eating habits have deteriorated is proven by the fact that today even small children who just stepped into schools have to wear thick glasses. But look at our grandfathers or even beyond that, how many of them you saw them wearing lens or glasses.

The reason we haven’t seen is that their diet was full of green leafy vegetables. They were grounded people who lived close to nature. Most of the vegetables were directly taken from the farm at the moment. But look at what we do, we order our vegetables by phone. So, the effect will be always there in the nutrient content.

Takes care of the constipation

One of the main problems of this current generation is constipation. It is a condition where the path of excretion is not smooth. The stool is thick and stick to the walls of the intestine and becomes difficult in moving through the anus. This is the reason keep saying to eat leafy green vegetables for no constipation. To overcome this problem, you need not eat any pills because adding green leafy veggies to your diet will do.

In biological terms, it is called roughage because these food items do not get digested by the enzymes present in the stomach. The green veggies have a substance called cellulose in them which is only digested by herbivores animals. Inside the human body, they do not get digested but help other processed material to get out of the body. Their high fibre content makes the walls of the intestine leading to the anus smooth which makes it easier for the waste to get excreted. Hence, the problem of constipation is solved. So, from now if you feel any difficulty while pooping adds leafy vegetables to your diet.

Eat as much as you want

The thing with many dishes is that you cannot eat much of them as they possess a high risk of cholesterol levels. So, no matter if you like the dish or not you have to eat in restricted quantity. But green leafy vegetables can be tasty and super delicious if cooked properly and with experience. And you can eat green veggies as much as you want, it will not harm your digestive system. So, be it spinach soup or veggie cutlet have full freedom of quantity.


Nature has given us so much to cherish upon but then also we get deprived of nutrients makes us sick. Green veggies are the perfect healthy diet for anyone, of any age or gender. Today the condition of health is very severe, people are bound to take Cenforce 200, Fildena 100 and Vidalista 20 from powpills.com

Hence, such green veggies become a necessity rather than an option. So, go to the gym if you can but definitely eat green veggies even if you don’t hit the gym.

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