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How to fix blurry pictures on Android?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – By Benjamin Franklin. This saying is true for blurred photos.

You take a snap of your dog something cutesy, and then later, when you check it, it is all blurry! No doubt, the situation would be disheartening, especially when there is no scope of retakes.

At this time, all you need some quick fix and question tags along with this desire, how do you Unblur a picture on android?

Right! Well, we understand your emotions, so here we are with some quick fixes To Prevent your Android pictures from getting pixelated.


It’s simple!


Check out methods to avoid blurring problems in the future 


Method 1:

Restart your android phone to fix small glitches or any other errors. If the problem continues, follow the next solution.

Method 2:

Check camera stats, maybe your camera is clicking pixelated pictures. If that is the case, then force-stop the camera app on your Android phone.

Force-stopping the app will surely fix the camera-related problem. Once done, open the camera app and click a few snaps to see if the error is fixed or continued.

Don’t get mad if the above solution doesn’t work, get on to the next method instead.

Method 3:

 Boot your Android phone in safe mode to fix the blurring problem. This time, it might fix the problem that you are coming across.

Still, facing the same issue? Take a next step!

Method 4:

Install any good third-party camera app and to see if the same difficulty is occurring there or not. After installation, click pictures again to see if the app is clicking blurry photos.

Tiny Note: It is just a temporary solution for you to click beautiful snaps.

Method 5:

You can tap on the phone’s camera against your finger or palm or even shake the phone for your camera app to return to normal.

If the above methods do not work, then call a professional for help. They might fix the photo processor, which will avoid photo-blurring issues in the future.

Remember, these are the methods to prevent an image from getting blurred in the first place and won’t correct your already pixelated photos.

Let’s move ahead!


How to fix blurry pictures on Android?

You captured beautiful videos, and you are looking forward to uploading them on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

While watching the video for the first few minutes, oohs and aahs leave your mouth, but suddenly the videos become smudged or blurry.

Well, reasons can be many like, limited bandwidth, Internet connection speed, Issues with video compression, Incorrect resolution, wrong focus

But, in the end, nobody likes to want pixelated videos and It can get quite frustrating too.

So, lets know, how to fix a blurry video!

Fix Blurry Videos with Amazing Apps!


Well, there are various apps available online, which can fix your blurry videos. Below, we have listed some of the best apps to improve the video quality instantly.

  • AVS Video Editor
  • vReveal
  • Movavi video suite

The videos won’t be sharp, but it will surely bring back the objects into focus.



If you are an iPhone user and want to know how to make a blurry picture clear on iPhone, then we have a solution for you as well. 

 Below, we have mentioned simple steps Reduce a Pixelated Image on an iPhone

Step 1: Open the photo gallery and select the blurry picture that you want to fix.

Step 2: Click on the Edits option and scroll through it.

Step 3: Once you find the “Sharpen” and “Smart Sharpen” then, tap on it.

Step 4: Sharpen option is best for those who want to unblur highly pixelated photos, while Smart Sharpen is best for slightly blurry pictures.

If the above steps do not work then, you can use some best apps to make pictures clearer on your iPhone.



It feels worse to remove memorable photos from your gallery because they are blurry. But now, you can fix them and reduce a pixelated image with some best editing tools on an iPhone.

Wondering, what tools these must be?

Use Photoshop to unblur pictures! Have a look at such apps to improve the quality of your photos on your iPhone.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Focus App
  • Photo Editor
  • Snapseed
  • PhotoDirector
  • Blur Photo – Portrait Mode Blur
  • Photo Blur Background Editor’
  • Fotogenic

By using these apps, in just a few clicks, you can sharpen the pictures the way you want.

With that, lets know more!

How to un pixelate a picture in photoshop?

Here are some quick steps to go:

  1. Go on the Image option located in the top left corner and tap on Image Size to increase the resolution.
  1. Once a pop box appears, change the image resolution to 300 or more, check on the box of Constrain Proportions, and tap on OK. 
  1. Now, go to the Filter option, select the Noise option, and tap on the Reduce Noise.
  1. You can increase or decrease Strength, Preserve Details, Reduce Color Noise, and Sharpen Details as per your photo requirements, then click on OK.
  1. On the layer palette, right-click on the image layer. A drop-down box will appear, scroll, and select Convert to Smart Objects.
  1. Go back to Filter, click on the Sharpen option, and tap on the Unsharp Mask.
  1. A pop-up box will appear where you can move the Amount, Radius, and Threshold as your photo needs.

So, this is how to un pixelate a picture in photoshop and get a high-resolution image. 


Pictures are the wonderful way of keeping memories alive and so clicking it right and edit them for clarity is indeed worth the effort. Considering that, say goodbye to the noisy and blurry photos and fix pixelated images on your iPhone or Android. Give it your best shot, and it will work well for you.

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