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How to Slow Down Time Lapse on I-phone

“Make a video, tell a story.”

Having an I-phone and an interest in videography yet not being able to use its amazing features properly makes you feel bad, right?

Like using the time lapse feature to make super amazing videos of sunset and clouds or sitting in traffic and challenging your inner videographer to make a time lapse video of the traffic not only to pass your time but also to brush your skills.

But what will you do if you have no idea how to use this feature and there’s no one around who can teach you?

That is why we decided to step in and help you by making you learn this minor yet crucial function in your I-phone so that you don’t have to suffer anymore while making some amazing videos.

So, would you like to know how to use the time-lapse feature or how to slow down time-lapse on I-phone?

Then let’s get straight into the details.

The I-Phonic Discussions

The I-Phonic Discussions
The I-Phonic Discussions

“When you decide to learn something, nobody can stop you.”

So, how do you think you can change your time lapse settings on your I-Phone? By saying I-phone-I-phone in my hand, how to change time lapse please make me understand?

While we really wish that was the technique to get the answer, it certainly isn’t and here’s the correct way of doing it.

You would know how to make a time lapse video on an I-phone, right?

Just open the Camera app and select the time-lapse option that is given just below the video and Slow-Mo option. Click on record to make your time lapse video. Easy!

But this is something that you must be looking for:

How to change time lapse in I-phone?

  1. Open camera on your I-phone and swipe through the shooting modes.
  2. Look for time-lapse mode and click on it.
  3. Then Open the time lapse camera apps and select the Time Lapse shooting mode.
  4. Adjust exposure to how you prefer it and set the focus like a still image.
  5. Now, tap and hold in order to lock the focus and exposure for time-lapse.
  6. Tap the red shutter button.
  7. Once you are finished shooting your time-lapse picture, push the shutter button again.
  8. It’s done! And your time-lapse will automatically get saved in the Photos app on the phone.

And that was the easiest method and most simple settings related to time lapse on I-phone for all our reader who have just got an I-phone.

Now comes the complex time lapse tutorials so, brace yourself.

How do you slow down a timelapse in iMovie on iPhone?

  1. At the top of the project’s screen, tap on the plus sign and select Movie.
  2. Select the video you want to edit and tap on the Create Movie option.
  3. Now bring the play-head to the beginning of your video and tap to select your video.
  4. Then click on the Speed icon at the bottom of it.
  5. Once you are done with your video click on finish to save it.

Done with the settings related steps?

Still not sure about how to choose the perfect time lapse interval for a video? Then the next information will guide you.

How do you set time lapse intervals?

How do you set time lapse intervals
How do you set time lapse intervals

A shorter interval between each photo gives you a smoother video output.

So, 1 second intervals if you are making a video on moving traffic or fast-moving clouds. 1-3 second intervals for videos on sunsets, sunrises, slower moving clouds or the moon and sun near horizon and about 15 to 60 seconds time lapse video for stars.

This is how it should be.

Some more small yet important question-answers are waiting for you below, take a look.

The Never-Ending Quest

“Time lapse anything that you can and you will be happy you did it.”

And here are a few answers and some important details that you should know to compete your knowledge on I-phone’s time lapse.

How long is a 1 hour time lapse on iPhone?

Here is a tabular representation that will help you understand it better

          Recording durationSpeed relative to real timeFrame capture rate
40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes120x1 frame every 4 seconds
1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes240x1 frame every 8 seconds

What is a good interval for time lapse?

It entirely based on the kind of video that you are about to make.

Here’s what you need to take a note of.

Object category         Object type     Interval time  Time lapse duration
Slower moving objectsStars, moon20 to 25 seconds2 to 3 hours long
Fast moving objectsClouds, traffic, people3 to 10 seconds30 minutes

How Fast Is iPhone time lapse?

The I-phone’s time lapse speed by default is set to 6x. You’ll get 1 second of time lapse video for every 6 seconds of recording.

Done and dusted.

Hope, we cleared your doubts and answered your questions and also helped you in gaining all the required knowledge to be a pro at I-phone’s time lapse feature.


An easy looking feature can actually be very complex or a complex looking feature can actually be very easy. It all depends upon your view point, your interest in learning it and whare you are going for help in case you need it.

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