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How To Start Charging For Photography?

If you want to start charging for photography, you should give your family and friends some trials. You can start charging when you complete one or two photography sessions for your family, friends, etc.

How to start charging for photography when you are new in this field? In this case, you should always try to be perfect at first.

Thus, you find yourself ideal for your customers before charging money for your photography services. If you have talent, you don’t need to worry.

Think of yourself as a photographer with the privilege to have photography capabilities that are absent in your customers.

They don’t have the equipment to take pictures, even can’t take photos for themselves. In addition, they even do not come with the knowledge and the editing software. Moreover, they don’t know how to use it.

You have many talents which you don’t have.

Although you are not perfect, need to gain more knowledge and experience, and know the perfect style of photography, you are still better than your client whom you give photographs after the photo session.

It is you for whom they can have the pictures to remember the season. Therefore, you must consider your photography price before charging customers for your services. Remember that they can not do it themselves.

When Do I Start Charging Money As A Photographer?

You may know that it is hard for a beginner to charge money in the world of photography. Mostly, new portrait photographers begin work by scouring other photographers’ websites in their area.

After that, they start comparing their work to the works of other photographers.

 You may look for other photographers’ websites to know the values of the charge. However, we recommend you create a plan yourself for your task. Thus, you will feel comfortable while charging money.

We have let you know how we began charging money while starting the photography business. According to us, seeing an example of a real-life person will be great for you.

When we started the photography business, there was not a portfolio or any images we could use to provide to our potential clients.

In the early stage of my life, I searched for my family and friends whom I knew at a time in our life, asking that I have an interest in photographing.

I provided them with a session for free as I was willing to make my portfolio. Besides, my motive was to get experience and confidence in how to run a photo session.

I follow a rule of thumb for myself that I will start charging money as a beginner when I would photograph at least 1-2 free sessions per photography category, including families, couples, newborns, etc.

If I feel comfortable charging someone for services, I do. For instance, I was willing to have at least 1-2 couples sessions under my belt or 1-2 family sessions which I had done before deciding to begin charging.

While hosting the first set of fall mini sessions, I photographed two families before booking two full days’ worth of mini sessions with unknown families. It was my first time photographing for me.

I charged money for my first beginning session when I did only one beginning session for free for a friend’s family member. However, the session was helpful for me as it enabled me to have portfolio images to show my work.

Thus, it offered a lot of experience and confidence to assure me that I could do this job.

Now, you know when you should start charging for your photography. But do you know how to start charging for photography?

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How Much Do You Charge When You First Start Out?

How To Start Charging For Photography

How to start charging for photography? It is the first question you will face before this question. If you are a seasoned photographer who has been in business for years, you must feel threatened when beginners charge money at lower amounts for a photo session.

They think you require a year’s worth of portfolio-building experience before thinking of charging money.

However, you should know one thing your customers whom you get for your first paid sessions are not only good, they are perfect as they want you to be their photographer.

Remember that you will never get so much money as a seasoned photographer for a family shoot. You have to gain plenty of experience and knowledge till now. But never forget to earn money as you give your customers something they can’t do themselves.

It charged $100 for my first session. At that time, the amount was comfortable for me, and that’s why I chose the amount. But there is no reason to start with $100, and you can select any amount you want.

My Method For Increasing My Prices For Photography Sessions

In this section, we have given a complete detail about us letting you know how I begin charging for photography. I booked my recent price for charging for every three to five sessions according to my rule of thumb.

Besides, I will boost the rate of photography by $50. For instance, I charged the first 3-5 families $100 each for the photo session. Later, when I got an inquiry for another family session, the amount became $150.

After booking three to five sessions at $150, the price went to $200 for the next three to five sessions. The price continued until I reached a price point perfect for me.

You can apply the process of any area of portrait photography, including family photography, newborn photography, senior photography, couples photography, and wedding photography.

Plenty of options are there to choose from other “seasoned” photographers.

You can look for other photographers to know how much they charge and how much you should charge while starting out your journey. However, one factor you must consider before charging your money is that you must be perfect at phototherapy to charge according to you.

We never recommend going out and charging $350 for your first family session because you still need to learn and grow a lot. It is possible to begin charging people now, and you should get 100% of the money.

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Some Steps That Can Represent You As Professional

How To Start Charging For Photography
  • Start Building A Portfolio.

You may find yourself overwhelmed while looking around and watching photographers with what seems as plenty of customers. Every person needs to begin a journey somewhere. It is your beginning, and I warn you that it takes plenty of work.

You must not want to purchase a fancy camera and then start charging. Most people begin with their friends and family to try some photos, and you can start with those as you prefer.

Do you think you are giving images for which you pay? If not, it is okay. You should continue working and practicing. You can have some good pictures which you can showcase on Facebook, Instagram, and your website.

Each building session lets you know what the things you need to improve in your photography are. Hence, you may start payment from $50, and then you can go.

  • Build A Social Media Page And Website To Showcase Your Work!

The first thing you should do is keep yourself active online. It is vital as it provides a platform to showcase your work. When you are active online, people will get in touch with you. Most people carry around the internet with them 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is lucrative for your business.

In this case, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms you can use for free. These can provide a few advertising levels which can reach far and wide. Most people spend many hours online and use social media platforms while searching for recommendations for specific services in their area.

Websites can offer a sense of professionalism. Therefore, investing time into it is completely fine. If you create a website, there is not mandatory that it has to be overwhelming or expensive.

Sometimes, these can take only five minutes. It is one of the factors you want to consider before offering portfolio-building sessions. When you have a website, you can ensure that it will not change its rules of social media algorithms.

If you are willing to begin your website, ensure that you include all required information allowing people to get in touch.

  • Look At Your Competition. But Not Too Much.

You must know how much other photographers in your local area charge. Thus, it helps you to gauge their pricing. It is essential for market research. You should know that you will meet extremely talented people and it is a part of it.

Ensure that you must not compare the price with other photographers as you are a beginner only. Remember that creating a business and online presence takes time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I charge as a beginner photographer?

If you are a beginner in the photography world, you should charge $10 – $25 per picture. Whether you want to charge per hour is $0 – $50.

2. What should I charge for photography?

When pricing for Sustainability, the first step asks you for an in-depth and honest look. This factor asks you what you should charge and what final product to generate for your client.

The initial factor of a healthy business is that it can create more money than it invests. If you are under the PPA’s Benchmark research, you will find the salary of the average photographer is 20% of their gross income.

In simple words, it means when you charge the customer $100 an hour, you can create $20 only. The other $80 allows your business to function and is used to cover the rising costs of products, albums, computer upgrades, equipment, maintenance, education, healthcare, etc.

Whether you don’t come with the costs built in, have you ever thought about where these come from? These come out of the 20% slice.

As soon as you crunch the numbers honestly, you will know where you should set the prices. Ensure you charge a bare minimum for your business to survive without stealing from other areas of your life.

You may find this an overwhelming process to go down the way. We realize why most users don’t want to begin with.

When it comes to pricing for photography for your customers, another factor to consider is how much your potential customers want to pay. It is an entirely different area since it depends on your work’s value to clients.

3. How much do photographers charge usually?

Generally, photographers charge

5,000 – Rs. 12,500 per hour. If you are looking for a professional event photographer, they start their charges usually from Rs. 7,500.

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