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The Complete Guide That Makes Buying a Brand New Laptop Simple

Did you know that, as of 2018, 92 percent of households in the United States of America owned one of the types of laptops or desktop computers for their home? Getting a brand new laptop is exciting because there are tons of great types of laptop that provide a number of fun and useful features that any laptop user would enjoy.

The most challenging part of finding the best laptop for your needs is looking at all of the different brands and models that are available today. Perhaps you have a favorite operating system like Windows or Mac, or maybe you need a laptop that doubles as a tablet.

No matter what your needs are, there are certain things that you should do to ensure that you get the best brand new laptop. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn about these steps to take when looking for that amazing laptop experience.

Keep reading this article to learn more about finding the best laptop today.

Choose Your Operating System

The first thing that you should do when you’re looking for a brand new laptop is deciding which operating system you prefer. There are three main options to choose from and each brings its own benefits to the table.

Windows is one of the original operating systems out there and it is one of the most widespread. It doesn’t have the same hype or excitement surrounding it as MacOS, but it is great for accomplishing whatever you’re using your laptop for. Many businesses opt to go with Windows because of the easy access to great programs and apps like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook.

You’ll also have a much wider list of laptops to look at and choose from if you’re looking for the types of laptops that use Windows as the operating system. If you’re looking for a great laptop to use for gaming then you’ll have a hard time finding a better operating system than Windows.

MacOS is another great operating system that you’ll have the chance to use if you purchase a Mac computer. If you’re looking for a laptop that is easy to use and you want the best laptop experience then odds are that you’ll love MacOS. It is also great for easy integration if you’re looking for a laptop that will work seamlessly with other Apple products in your arsenal.

Chrome is another good option if you’re in the market for a laptop that handles all of the basics. It is designed for people that want a laptop for browsing the web and handling online shopping. If you’re in need of a laptop that handles the essentials then you can’t go wrong with Chrome OS.

Picking Processing Power

Another thing that you should think about when you start your journey of shopping for and buying a brand new laptop is processing power. If you plan on using your laptop for work or for artistic projects then you should consider getting a laptop that uses an Intel Core i5 processor, like those at lenovo.com.

If you are okay with extending your budget a bit, you can’t go wrong with an Intel i7 processor. This processor is faster and more powerful than the i5 and you’ll notice the difference when you use your laptop. Keep in mind that more processing power often comes with worse battery performance.

If you plan to use your brand new laptop for gaming then you need to splurge and get the laptop performance that comes with an i7 processor. Your games will run much smoother and you’ll enjoy a much better laptop user experience.

Choosing RAM

RAM is another big consideration that many people on the hunt for a new laptop look at when making a decision. RAM stands for random access memory. The RAM is the data that gets held by your laptop during the time that your processor is doing its thing. Anything that you’re working on with your laptop will get stored in the RAM.

Keep in mind that the amount of RAM you’re working with limits the number of tasks that your laptop will handle at a given time. The more RAM that your laptop provides, the better your laptop experience will be. The average laptop user will have no problems with using 8 gigabytes of RAM storage.

If you’re planning on using your laptop for a lot of labor-intensive things or you want to game on it then you’ll need to get a laptop that has more RAM. Something to keep in mind is that the RAM could get soldered to the motherboard of your brand new laptop depending on the brand and model that you go with.

If that is the case, you’ll have a difficult time upgrading your RAM in the future. Make sure that you’re getting more RAM than you think you need if that is the case with your new laptop. Ultimately, it comes down to what you plan to use your laptop for.

If you’re someone that does video editing for a living then you’ll need to make sure that you get a laptop that has 16 gigabytes of RAM to use. It is probably worth it for you to expand your budget to get a brand new laptop with 32 gigabytes if possible.


A big thing to look for when you’re looking at new laptops is the number of ports that your laptop options provide. One thing that Macbooks are infamous for is the lack of ports. Some Macbooks only have a charger port which means that you’ll need to spend additional money in order to get an adapter that allows for HDMI cords and USB inputs.

If you plan on using your brand new laptop for leading presentations then you’ll struggle from a lack of ports. It is also difficult if you want to use a full-sized keyboard rather than the one that your laptop is equipped with.

A good rule of thumb is to look for laptops that come with at least one USB-C port, one USB-A port, and a jack so that you can use non-Bluetooth headphones. This is the bare minimum that you should look for when you’re shopping for a brand new laptop.

When it comes to the charging port, the best option on the market today is the USB-C charging port. It will be advertised if the laptop that you’re looking at getting charged with a USB-C charger or not. A laptop that uses the USB-C port for charging gives you a lot more flexibility so that you can keep your laptop charged even when you’re on the go.

It is also great because you’ll find it much easier and cheaper to replace a USB-C cord compared to other types of chargers. If you do need a replacement charger cord, the best bet is to get one directly from the manufacturer that made your laptop. Using off-brand USB-C cords is a great way to fry your brand new laptop’s battery.


More people than ever are working on a remote basis or working from home. That is great, but it also means a lot more time spent on video conference calls. You’ll need to make sure that you’re getting a brand new laptop that has a great webcam for these video meetings with clients and coworkers.

This is important because there are some laptops on the market today that still do not offer a webcam as a standard option on their laptops. There are also laptops that offer the bare minimum in the form of a webcam that is only capable of producing 720p images that are low in quality compared to their more powerful counterparts.

With Zoom becoming a mainstream way to attend class in college and to keep in touch with family during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is best not to skimp when it comes to your brand new laptop’s webcam. You also need to decide if a laptop that offers 2-in-1 services is right for you.

Another important part of the laptop to look at is the hinge that connects the screen to the keyboard and internals. You need to make sure that that hinge is ready to stand up to whatever you throw at it. Something to try before you buy is seeing if you can open your laptop using only one hand.

If your laptop is impossible or difficult to open with one hand then perhaps you should look at other options. You also need to make sure that you can carry it with one hand without causing damage to the screen, and make sure that it will fit in a standard-sized backpack.

Start Shopping for Your Brand New Laptop Today

Getting a brand new laptop is an exciting investment but it is important that you make sure you’re getting all of the right features for the best laptop experience and laptop performance. Make sure that you have a nice assortment of ports on your new laptop and get one that has the RAM storage that you’ll need for your projects.

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