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The Rise Of Simulators And Why You Should Get One In 2022

With the introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality comes a landslide of application trials in different industries. One that benefited the most is sports, and we can see how its technology has evolved through the years.

When the pandemic forced almost every game on hiatus, only golf was spared from the harsh consequences. Golf’s popularity surged as it is the first to have opened, given its social distancing advantage. 

But thanks to another growing trend, the sport gained more traction from the Millennial and Gen-Z demographic. Golf simulators sold millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and add-ons, and most of this upturn is due to the COVID-19 uncertainties and lockdowns.

Why People Purchase Golf Simulators?

Initially, golf simulators existed to cater to the demands of those who would like to play the game despite the bad weather conditions. It began with primitive solutions, but this was the beginning of the ever-growing indoor golf development. 

The old systems started with pixelated images of golf courses, limited shot measurements, and delayed displays of the game’s analysis. But when golf tournaments became a thing, and gaming companies started to dip their fingers in the competition, more and more features got introduced.

The industry hit a growth cap and some downturns along the way. There was a period wherein players had to settle for badly recreated golf courses and simulations that triggered motion sickness to those who used them. Real players wanted a true experience of their beloved sport, and those who decided not to recompense with anything less perfection pushed many companies to develop their golf simulators constantly.

Fast-forward to today, golf simulators award players a more realistic experience sans the effort and possible snags you’ll encounter on your way to the golf course. This reason alone entices pros and even self-proclaimed players to invest in such golfing equipment.

Why Purchase A Golf Simulator?

At this age, a golf simulator is an investment. While it mainly serves the family’s entertainment, professionals like Bryson DeChambeau and Bubba Watson use these tools to elevate their game. If you or a family member wants to get serious about the sport, you can step on equal footing with these champions by investing in a high-end simulator like Flightscope X3 launch monitor

Still, today’s entry-level golf simulators can do a good job training newbies in honing their swings. With hundreds, or even thousands of pre-built golf courses, tons of measurement capabilities, rewind features, and skill challenges, the device will surely bring out the golfer in you in a matter of weeks.

Golf simulators usually come in a package, and they are more practical options than purchasing standalone products. This way, you save money and prevent the risk of buying products incompatible with your main equipment. 


The world approaches 2022 with a big question mark — will it still require us to limit our outdoor activities and interactions? Nevertheless, you will worry less about purchases like golf simulators that provide a realistic experience for trainees and great entertainment value for casual players.

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