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What Should You Consider Before Buying A Plus-Size Bikini?

Every person is unique. It does not imply merely their talents and skills, but also their body shape and physical features. There’s no standard clothing size that can fit every person. The same holds for swimwear. Women of all shapes find it challenging to get their hands on swimwear that flatters their bodies. But the job of finding the perfect swimsuit becomes even more difficult for curvy women. Thankfully, many brands are coming up with curvy swimwear that, instead of disguising the curves, help women to flaunt them.

Women are prone to making many mistakes when they are out selecting swimwear for themselves. It is essential for them to pick one that perfectly fits their figure while also making them feel comfortable. Here’s how you can choose one that complements your body.

  1. Choose Bottoms and Tops That Shape Your Curves Properly

One of the great options that plus-size women can explore for themselves is high-waisted bottoms. Plus-size stylists recommend curvy women to opt for high-waisted bottoms like swim skirts that give the perfect coverage to them. They also make the belly area look more flatter and impart flirty vibes. When you are exploring bikini tops, go for those which have bigger cups. It lifts your breasts while also giving them coverage.

  1. Choose Comfortable Fabric

The fabric of your curvy swimwear plays a massive role in imparting you comfort as well as flexibility. Fabrics like nylon combined with spandex provide maximum flexibility. You will find it easy to move in swimwear made of such a fabric. Whenever you purchase a bikini, test how it feels when you sit, stand, and move. Although it should hug your curves, you should not feel too stiff and uncomfortable during regular movements.

  1. Explore Tie-String Tops

Tie-string tops give you complete control over the way your bikini top is secured. Apart from this, you can also explore bikini tops that have adjustable straps. It is an especially good option for bustier women. Such a top will help you to tighten the straps and secure your breasts. It, in turn, will help you walk freely and confidently.

Swimsuit Selection Do’s and Don’ts


  • Try a lot of curvy swimwear styles. It is okay to go out of your comfort zone as it will only help you discover more types of swimwear.
  • When in doubt, buy a smaller size. It is because swimwear expands on getting wet.
  • Tighten up the adjustable straps as much as you can. Then lean forward and see if your bust is covered.


  • Do not go in for swimwear that does not fit your body well. You don’t have to follow what is in trend.
  • Women make the mistake of choosing swimsuits that are too large for them. They think that it will give them more coverage. But large swimsuits will not provide you with flattering coverage. Instead of going in for large ones, explore a style that offers you more coverage. 

As you can see, there is a lot to explore in curvy swimwear. Swimwear styles keep changing. You can find a lot of them that complement your body type. It is important for you to choose one that helps you feel comfortable and confident. Do not settle for anything less than that.

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