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How Can You Resolve Whea Uncorrectable Error?

You might be quite familiar with the WHEA uncorrectable error on your computer. It is the uncorrectable error of the Windows Hardware Error Architecture. What happens in this error is that you can see a stop code for Windows which is set forth in the blue screen of your computer.

Well, window 10 has this history of showing errors on the blue screen. It can occur even in the newest Windows OS version. WHEA uncorrectable error in windows 10 generally occurs due to the failure of some particular hardware.

Failure of hardware can be faulty memory, inappropriately seated CPU, a defective hard drive, and other several kinds of issues with the hardware.

In order to automatically encounter the stop code WHEA uncorrectable error, the computer generally put together some distinguish data, and after that, it will reset again. But, if this error is not resolved yet, the computer will again show you the same error message.

Now that you are reading this article, I guess you are facing an error on your computer screen. Just don’t worry too much. In this article, you are going to find the easy and simple tricks and tips by which you can resolve this issue.

How To Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error-5 Simple And Easy Tricks For You To Resolve This Issue

Blue screen WHEA uncorrectable error is one of the most annoying and frustrating issues of failing hardware. It will completely prevent your workflow. You have to make sure in such cases not to affect the productivity and keep the workflow right on track. Therefore, you have to resolve the issue as soon as you can.

You see, BSOD’s uncorrectable error stop code is not at all unusual or something that has appeared all of a sudden. Whenever this error occurs, the computer will turn off automatically in order to prevent the loss of any data that are stored in that computer.

Whea Uncorrectable Error

WHEA uncorrectable error indicates the failure of the hardware. Actually, this is related to a bug check. The bugcheck was: 0x00000124.

Before fixing this error, you must know how this blue screen error occurs. It may be an issue with a hard drive, the temperature of the computer, corrupted system files, etc.

Some conflicts amongst the drivers or missing drivers in your computer can also lead to this kind of error. Sometimes overclocking in Windows 10 is the reason for the blue screen error stop code.

How To Resolve This

The easiest and the simplest way of resolving this error involves finding out the faulty component and changing it with a new and fresh one. You can start with the software. It will be better and less expensive for you.

Now, here are some tricks and tips for you to fix the uncorrectable error.

Solution 1: You can update your windows 10.

This issue can occur because of the older version of Windows 10.  You can try by updating the software into the latest version. In order to update your Windows 10, you have to try these steps.

  • Open the start menu on your computer. For that you have to press the Windows key only.
  • Then, you should go to the gear option and move forward to the Windows settings. In that section, search for the Windows update and security. Once found, you need to choose the option.
  • A new window will appear. You can see there the available updates and the instructions to install the version.
  • You need to follow the instructions. That is how you can download and install the updated version on the computer.
  • Once the installation is done, you should reboot the computer. Make sure you are using it normally after the computer is turned on.
  • Check if the issue is gone or not

Solution 2: You should look into your RAM.

 Sometimes, you have to encounter the stop code error or the blue screen error because the memory of the computer is inserted inappropriately in the RAM slot. You have to open the computer case to look into the motherboard.

Very carefully, you should take out the RAM sticks from the motherboard. Then clean it with alcohol and with cotton.

Now, put them back properly on the RAM slot of the motherboard. I strongly recommend you to call an experienced technician for this. Turn on your computer again after you have put the RAM sticks back in their right places.

If you find out that you are facing an error, you have to taker other necessary steps.

Solution 3: You should run CHKDSK.

Check Disk is Windows 10 is made to scan the system files and resolve the errors related to the hard drive. It is a built-in tool. Therefore, you don’t need to download or buy it from elsewhere.

Whea Uncorrectable Error
Whea Uncorrectable Error
  • Go to the command prompt by holding Windows + S key.
  • After that, you need to choose the option Run as Administrator. This will launch the Command prompt with some privileges.
  • Finally you need to write chkdsk/r and press Enter button.

Solution 4:  you can try resetting BIOS Firmware.

 Sometimes, resetting the BIOS Firmware helps you to fix the issue.

  • At first, you have to turn off your computer properly and then again you have to turn it on.
  • Then, you have to press the delete key repeatedly until the BIOS dialog box appears before you.
  • Choose the exit tab of that dialog box.
  • Now, you need to wait until the default configuration of BIOS is loaded.
  • Finally, choose save button.
  • Reboot the PC.

Solution 5: You need to try updating the driver.

The issue can also be caused by an outdated or corrupted driver. Therefore, you should try to fix the issue by updating the driver. Drivers are extremely necessary for the computer. Therefore, carefully examine your driver.

  • In order to search the Device manager, hold Windows + S key.
  • You can see an option: Launch Device manager. Select it.
  • In order to expand, you need to select each device.
  • At last, you have to right click on the driver and select Update Driver option.

You have to repeat this until you update all your drivers. After that, reboot the PC.

You can encounter WHEA uncorrectable errors when playing games. The reason for this issue is the same as the above. You can try all the 5 solutions given above.

WHEA Uncorrectable Error Windows 10: Overclock- How To Fix This

Wondering how to disable overclocking in windows 10?  You can run OCCT to find out the error. If you see a message like: OCCT error detected, I’m sorry, you’re overclocking is unstable. Maybe it is the lack of voltage or the overclock is very high. You need to disable it.

Here is the solution for you.

  • Open your computer and go for the Troubleshoot option. Then look for UEFI settings of the firmware.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • When your computer is turned on, it will automatically show you the BIOS.
  • Find out overclocking in Performance window.
  • Once you find out, disable the Overclocking option.
  • Make sure you have saved the changes.
  • Reboot the PC.

Ways To Resolve System PTE Misuse On Windows

System PTE Misuse can occur due to some security issues related to firmware. It leads to crash the whole system, file corruption, and data loss. Here are the ways to fix this.

Whea Uncorrectable Error
Whea Uncorrectable Error
  • You can hide the TPM in BIOS.
  • You should update the BIOS in the computer.
  • You may turn off the PTT security in the BIOS.


  • Is WHEA uncorrectable error bad for my computer?

Well, I can say that it is bad for your computer as it prevents the important work you are doing at that time. It is generally caused by some hardware failure.

There may be an inappropriately seated CPU, faulty memory, a faulty hard drive, and several other issues for this error. But the good news is that you can fix this issue by yourself if you know the exact process.

  • What it means when I see WHEA uncorrectable error?

WHEA uncorrectable error indicates that you have a failed hardware. When this issue will occur, the computer will shut down automatically to protect the data and information from any kind of damage or loss.

  • What is the full form of WHEA?

WHEA stands for Windows Hardware Error Architecture. It is actually a malfunction that can happen due to the failure of the hardware. Windows has an old history of showing this error often to its users.

Even the latest versions of the windows are not free from this error.

To Sum It Up

WHEA uncorrectable error is quite common in Windows 10. It is not something that you should be afraid of. Be patient and try all the possible methods you know to resolve the issue. All the best. 

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