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When To Take Maternity Photos

The seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy is honestly the best time for you to take maternity photographs for all the good reasons.

During this time, your tummy will have a wonderful round contour, which is ideal for a photo shoot since it will look beautiful.

When it comes to calculating weeks, your appointment should take place when you’re around 30 weeks pregnant. Your maternity may be painful if you take maternity photos after the ninth month of pregnancy.

When your belly feels too heavy, which normally happens after 35 weeks, you should avoid snapping photos.

You can start taking maternity images as early as 28 weeks if you want to use them for personalized baby shower invites. This will enable you to use your baby shower images from the beginning of month eight.

Even though baby showers are traditionally held in the sixth or seventh month, if your prenatal images are a must-have for your invitations, you can arrange your baby shower a few weeks later.

When you’re expecting multiples, maternity photos should be taken during the second trimester. Because you’re carrying two babies, your tummy will appear larger throughout the second trimester.

It is highly recommended that you take shots at 24 weeks while you are still comfortable and can move around easily.

What Trimester Is Best To Book A Maternity Photo Session?

The best time to arrange your maternity photo shoot is usually between 26 and 34 weeks into your pregnancy, especially around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy to be more specific.

Your tummy starts to grow more apparent, with a wonderfully round shape, while you’re in your third trimester. However, based on your body, this time may vary.

If you’re a 1st mom, you won’t show up as quickly, so book your session closer to the end of that time frame. If you have previously been pregnant, you will normally show a little sooner, that basically allows you to schedule or book your sessions sooner.

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When Should I Schedule My Maternity Session If I’m Having Twins?

You will start showing sooner than usual if you are expecting twins. You will also be giving birth sooner than most pregnancies. So you might want to book your maternity photo session sooner than if you are only having one child.

When you are expecting twins, the optimum time to schedule maternity photos is usually around 24-28 weeks.

Are 35 Weeks Too Late For Maternity Pictures?

You may be having a tough time walking around and feeling overall uneasy at this point. As a result, it is recommended that you schedule your session before this period. However, you cannot expect everyone to function the same way.  At 39 weeks pregnant, a mother could want to hike all around.

Similarly, another woman of the same age and condition might just want to lay in bed all day.   If you’ve put off scheduling your shot for too long and are worried that it’s too late, don’t worry.

It is sometimes preferable to finish them late rather than not at all. If you’re having trouble walking at this stage, ask your photographer to assist you in choosing a place that doesn’t involve much movement.

Are 25 Weeks Too Early For Maternity Photos?

While some mothers show enough bulge for maternity photos to be taken early, others might not show the same progress. It is a natural process and you cannot really speed it up however you want.

 Hence, it is preferable to have a more prominent baby bump in photos, but if you have to take them early for some reason, there are ways to increase the bump even more than in reality. You can add extra definition to it by arching your back and bending your leg.

You can also draw attention to your stomach with your hands. Even at 25 weeks, if you find a photographer who knows how to pose you right, you’ll be able to capture stunning images of your baby bump.

How Early Do I Need To Schedule My Maternity Photographer?

If you wait too long, your photographer may be booked up, depending on the time of year. After your 12-week checkup, I normally recommend arranging your maternity photographs.

If you plan on having your maternity session in the fall, you should contact your photographer as soon as possible because, during this time, the photography business is usually at its peak.

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Tips For When To Take Maternity Photos

When To Take Maternity Photos
When To Take Maternity Photos

There are a few things to bear in mind when organizing your maternity session once you’ve scheduled it:

  • Between 26 and 34 weeks in the third trimester.
  • Plan ahead of time if you’re having twins. Approximately 24-28 weeks.
  • If this is your first pregnancy, you should usually book later.
  • If you’ve already been pregnant, book sooner, preferably before 30 weeks.
  • If you wait too long, you may become fatigued and uncomfortable.
  • It’s possible that taking maternity images too soon will make it impossible to discern a distinct bump.
  • When you’re around 12 weeks pregnant, contact your photographer to schedule your maternity photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 30 weeks too early for maternity photos?

No, it’s not too early, rather it’s the optimal time to have a maternity session is when you are between 30 and 33 weeks pregnant. The belly bump is showing nicely at this point, and the due date is not too far away.

2. Is 20 weeks too early for maternity photos?

It is recommended that you do the shoot during your second trimester, between 20 and 24 weeks. This is because, if you’re expecting more than one child, your baby bump will be firmly developed by the second trimester.

3. Is 6 months too early for maternity pictures?

No, the second trimester is definitely not too early but ideal.

4. Is 37 weeks too late for maternity photos?

Yes, aim for 34 weeks or before instead.

5. Is a maternity shoot worth it?

Pregnancy should make a woman feel strong, beautiful, and joyful. A professional maternity shoot is an excellent opportunity to document this strength and beauty.

6. How much is 28 weeks pregnant in months?

If you’re 28 weeks pregnant, you’re in month 7 of your pregnancy.

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