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7 Tips for Hiring a Portrait Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer can be nerve-wracking.

The expense alone makes choosing the right person for the job vital. Not to mention, you need to find someone easy to work with and who will deliver photographs to your expectations.

Hiring the wrong photographer can result in wasted money, bad photographs, and just a terrible all-around experience.

So if you’re wondering what you need to know to book a portrait photographer, look no further. We’ve put together a handy guide of seven things to look for when hiring a professional.

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1. Check Their Portfolio

The first step in hiring a professional photographer is to check their portfolio. You want to make sure that their work is high-quality.

You should also make sure that their style fits your preferences. Some photographers prefer to work only in black and white, for example.

2. What’s Their Personality Like?

A portrait photographer should be professional but easy to work with. A disagreeable person will be miserable to work with on the big day.

Make sure that they are open with communication and willing to provide feedback and input, especially if you’ve booked a family photoshoot.

3. Ask for References

You should definitely get references before booking portrait photography. If your friends and family know someone who has done good work, they are an excellent place to start.

Good photographers have built up a client base that likes their work and enjoys working with them.

4. Meet Beforehand

Don’t just hire a portrait photographer the day before your event. Instead, make sure to meet with them in person or on the phone/video chat long before the big day.

This will ensure no miscommunication about expectations, budget, or other concerns.

You will also get a chance to get to know them and a glimpse of what working with them will be like.

5. Be Clear With Instructions

If you want something, be sure to ask for it. Hiring a photographer does not mean that they instantly know what you need or want.

Being transparent with what you want beforehand will save you and the photographer a lot of grief. Consider writing a professional photography brief.

6. Have a Clear Budget

Photographers usually charge for their time at the event and for editing photos afterward. If you can only afford a certain amount, be sure to communicate that.

That way, they don’t spend 100 hours editing 50 photos when you only have the money to pay for ten.

7. Read the Fine Print

professional portrait photographer will always have a contract. This is to protect you and their business both.

When you purchase their services, including photo rights and any raw files or negatives, be sure to clarify what you get.

Hiring A Portrait Photographer

Preparing for a big event or family photo does not have to be anxiety-inducing. With a bit of planning and preparation beforehand, the entire process will go smoothly.

You’ll leave with excellent photographs and lasting memories of the time you spent taking them. This is the actual value of hiring a professional portrait photographer.

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